Historic Preservation Homeowner Fair in San Antonio


Over the past several years the City of San Antonio’s Office of Historic Preservation has hosted a Homeowner’s Fair which has proven to be an excellent source of information, news and encouragement for those interested in preserving or rehabilitating domestic structures. We are honored to be invited to present at this year’s fair! Mark Kusey and I will speak to the work in progress at the Crockett Street House and spill some secrets to how we stay motivated.


Tempering the imminent flow of progress and the rampant redevelopment in our cities as it relates to historic preservation or simply renovating older building stock is challenging at best, and downright futile at its worst when property taxes are set to motivate tear-downs. We’ve found that the City of San Antonio and the San Antonio community-at-large has been incredibly encouraging providing information, incentives and plain ol’ good times as we work on “the Rock”.  For the most part, this City really “gets it”.

Here are 2 recent and relevant articles from Dallas and Houston regarding historic structures:



We hope to see you this Saturday!